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Meet Our Team

Board Of Directors

Dr. M. Ed Ivancic – President

Catherine Turner – Vice President

Renee Creely – Treasurer

Carolyn Adair – Secretary

Barbara Curry

Bill Dickerson

Victor Harris

Bradley Weatherford

Kendal Gaines

Dr. Vernon Rayford

Wanda Rutledge

Aaron Spearman

Dr. Ethan Tillotson

Dr. Lisa-Gaye Thomas-Messado

Pam Traylor


Carol Black, RDH, Executive Director;

Valerie Long, FNP, Clinical Director/Program Assistant;

Interested in Volunteering?

Please call CATCH Kids at (662) 679-2238.  

Or, apply through “Volunteer NE Mississippi.” Click the link for more information. Or, call “The Volunteer Hub” at 662-432-0158. 

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