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Meet Our Team

Board Of Directors

Dr. M. Ed Ivancic – President

Catherine Turner – Vice President

Renee Creely – Treasurer

Stella Smith – Secretary

Louise Cole

Barbara Curry

Bill Dickerson

Victor Harris

Stewart Brevard McMillan

Dr. Vernon Rayford

Wanda Rutledge

Aaron Spearman

Dr. Ethan Tillotson

Dr. Lisa Gaye Thomas

Pam Traylor


Carol Black, RDH, Executive Director;

Valerie Long, FNP, Clinical Director/Program Assistant;

Interested in Volunteering?

Please call CATCH Kids at (662) 679-2238.  

Or, apply through “Volunteer NE Mississippi.” Click the link for more information. Or, call “The Volunteer Hub” at 662-432-0158. 

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